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Here at Culver City Express Hand Car Wash and Detail, our extremely talented veteran detailers are attentive to your car concerns & condition. They are eager to transform your car or truck to its original luster all while being conscientious about the environment. 

It's no secret - Our most precious resource,       WATER is integral to the daily operations of the wash.

Did you know visiting our car wash is more environmentally friendly than washing at home?

With the amount of water used, the soap runoff and lack of water reclaim;

we are a more conscientious choice.

 Culver City Car Wash utilizes a system to reduce and reclaim the run off produced by the wash daily.

The water that is used in every step of our wash process does not simply drain into our municipal sewer system, rather it gets treated and then recycled for the pre-soak part of the wash. 

Naturally, for best results, fresh water is utilized for the application of soap, waxes, sealants and the rinse process. We do not use reclaimed water for our rinse to insure the best finish. At no time does untreated car wash waste water enter the sewer system from our wash, even from our detailing area.

We care about our customers and the environment, and these steps help make a difference in the big picture that is our Earth.

We'd like to think of ourselves as "eco-friendly"

We practice green landscaping to reduce temperatures onsite and beautify our property for our cusomers and employees.  We also endeavor to recycle all our beverage bottles and cans weekly.

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